Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions


IFS Applications allows enterprises to operate flexibly, with any combination of make-to-stock, configure-to-order and engineer-to-order modes, it supports everything from high volume repetitive manufacturing to batch and complex project-based manufacturing.

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), Sales and Operations Planning and the Manufacturing Visualizer are just some of the capabilities that make IFS a leading manufacturing solution.


IFS Applications' process manufacturing software includes mixed-mode production capabilities for process, make-to-stock, make-to-order and batch - in combination with line-based repetitive production - or any combination of the above.

Industry-specific functionality begins with formulation and recipe management, batch balancing and multiple units of measure (MUoM), all native to IFS Applications, as are full traceability and genealogy tracking. IFS Applications is a single integrated process manufacturing solution for enterprises, whether your concern is ingredients or parts, formulas or bills, bulk or units.


We have extensive knowledge of the discrete manufacturing industry, with advanced innovative functionality tailored for the needs of companies, helping them on their Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory journey.


IFS is independently recognized as a leading, customer-centric, global supplier of discrete manufacturing ERP software, providing value solutions for:

    • Industrial manufacturers

    • High-tech manufacturers

Our high-tech and industrial manufacturing industry experts are committed to ensuring the future successes of our customers by providing best-in-class ERP solutions for discrete manufacturing, and industry expertise to prepare them for what's next.


The IFS Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing solution offers a template for best-in-class ERP software for aerospace and defense manufacturing. IFS’ defense manufacturing solution supports full product lifecycle management (PLM) of complex manufacturing projects, integrating the full design and development lifecycle into production and through-life, including functionality to ensure adherence to regulations like export control.

Defense programs can extend over decades, so customer retention is critical. That’s why IFS Applications’ lifecycle approach extends beyond PLM to include customers, products, and assets. You will know more quickly which markets to serve, when to enter them, and which products to develop.



From design and procurement, to manufacturing, construction and maintenance, the IFS solution manages the whole lifecycle:

    • Project Bid to Contract (Business Development, CRM, Estimating)

    • Contract to Cash (Contract Management, Variation Order Management, Applications for Payments, Milestone Billing and Reimbursable Billing)

    • Engineering and Design (PDM, BIM & CAD Integration, Document Control, Time and Progress Tracking)

    • Manufacturing (including support for Offsite and Modular)

    • Construction and Installation (Work Packages, Sub Contract Management, Equipment Rental)

    • Project Planning (Gantt, MS Project and Primavera Integration)

    • Project Management (Progress and Earned Value, Project Cost Forecasting, Resource Planning)

    • Risk and Opportunity

    • Supports your Digital Asset Lifecycle Journey (BIM, Robotics, Digital Twins, IoT, AI)

    It also includes the supporting functions of Human Resources, Quality, Health and Safety and Finance.


IFS provides an integrated business software solution for engineering contractors of all sizes around the globe, from segments as diverse as infrastructure and transport, defense, shipbuilding, oil & gas and energy and utilities.

Project Cost Forecasting is fully integrated so we can keep accurate control of what the project outcome is going to be. This also includes the ability to manage contract changes (variations) as an integral part of the solution.


IFS provides an integrated business software solution for the Construction and Specialist or Industrial Services contractors of all sizes around the globe, from segments as diverse as Buildings, Residential, Infrastructure and Transport, Defense, Oil & Gas and Energy and Utilities.

The IFS solution includes industry-specific solutions including Sales and Sub-contract Management, Contract Change Management (Variations), Equipment Rental and Hire and Project Financial Forecasting. It also provides a solid foundation to support the Digital Asset Lifecycle journey (BIM, IoT, AI, Drones etc.) and allows trends such as Modular and Offsite Manufacturing to be managed as part of the solution.


IFS provides an integrated business software solution for engineer to order manufacturers of all sizes around the globe, from segments as diverse as defense, oil & gas, high-tech, construction modular manufacturing and heavy equipment manufacturers.

Unlike most engineer to order manufacturing solutions, with IFS Application the entire business works to a master project plan that integrates with and accounts for all areas of the business. With our solution, the entire business works to a single, centralized project plan that tracks and adapts to changing project requirements, so the plan evolves as the project evolves.


Service and asset management capabilities with all the benefits of a comprehensive ERP system

IFS Enterprise Service Management provides service organizations with complete end-to-end service management, reducing overall expenditure with multiple vendors and providing unrivaled efficiency and automation with a fully integrated solution that addresses all aspects of the service chain from backend to front end.

Our robust service management product simplifies your service processes while providing asset focused businesses with a complete service solution.


Using AI and a range of sophisticated algorithms the IFS dynamic scheduling engine solves extremely large scheduling problems with multiple constraints in seconds. The system continuously analyzes real-time data, considering a huge number of parameters including job location, traffic, technician availability and skills, the parts and tools they are carrying, interdependent tasks, SLAs and the relative value of each job.

The engine is truly dynamic

The system balances competing priorities and looks ahead for opportunities to combine jobs and blend planned maintenance activity. Evaluating thousands of alternatives in seconds, the engine determines an optimized plan, freeing your staff to manage genuine exceptions.

The engine is truly dynamic, allowing it to respond to intraday changes such as new urgent jobs, job overruns or traffic delays, recalculating in real-time, and continuously adapting the schedule.

The system continuously monitors what is being achieved and evaluates improvements. If it finds a schedule with a better service margin, the system will change the part of the plan that has not been committed, reallocating work to resources in a just-in-time decision-making approach.


In an enterprise resource planning software environment, supply chain management is part of the business as a whole, with multiple dependencies to core processes like service, manufacturing or projects.

Intelligent demand planning for the food and beverage industry

Demand planning plays a pivotal role in the food and beverage industry, serving as the key to a profit-driven supply chain cycle. By harnessing real-time data on your supply chain your business can plan for future demand and seasonality, be aware of the cannibal products and engage in collaboration to better manage your supply chain.

functions and parameters

Our supply chain management software provides functionality including procurement, warehousing and sales as a core component of our solution. It delivers:

Our supply chain managament solution delivers:

    • Sales forecasting and demand planning

    • Inventory planning and replenishment

    • Multi-site and multi-entity planning and execution for supply network visibility and coordination

    • Warehouse management solution with advanced capabilities

    • CRM, sales order management and customer invoicing to capture all transactions and interactions from opportunity to cash

    • SRM, purchase order management, arrival and inspection for a complete procurement solution.


Seamless integration with IFS solutions and an extensive suite of capabilities places IFS Financials at the heart of the business, enabling accurate and timely accounting information for reporting and decision making.

Wherever the key challenges lie in your business, IFS Financials offers the capability and support to present the information you require, when and where you need it most.

In corporate consolidations, project financial control, strategic forecasting, operational performance and global compliance, IFS Financials is supporting customers today for the achievements of tomorrow.


Integrated ledgers allow for management and audit throughout the accounting cycle, leading to a faster and more accurate close. The same information can be used to drill down to the source and drill up to consolidation positions.

Highly graphical visual dashboards provide each user with a role-based view of salient information, with direct access, where authorized, to system access points.

Automation-ready, information sharing and intelligence capabilities ensures process streamlining no matter what your process configuration, architecture or future requirements.


With multiple ledgers and multiple code parts from a single booking, information for financial decision making is abundant, leaving more time for the management accountant and finance analyst to report performance to the operational decision makers.

One-click, multiple code part consolidations allow the business to be viewed through many lenses including unit, manager, product, project, geography or combinations thereon in.

Direct Microsoft Excel integration allows for ease of reporting and provides the data set in a familiar tool for further analysis.


Starting from pre-contract award, incorporating an end-to-end process, culminating in decommissioning and hand-over, IFS project financial control suite provides a capability built and honed by our extensive industry experience.

Included within the suite are the ten control fundamentals:

    • Risks registers

    • Insurances

    • Treasury

    • Sub-contractor performance

    • Procurement schedules

    • Cost curves

    • Revenue and milestone billing schedules

    • Cost and income statements

    • Project cash control and statutory compliance for traded revenues and margins.


Corporate performance management (CPM) is the area of strategic accounting focused on delivering salient business information for intelligence forecasting, enabling decision makers to attain desired corporate outcomes.

IFS CPM suite incorporates integrated and auditable actuals, budgets and forecasts with business digital twins, allowing scenario play to provide outcomes-based predictions and visualizations of current and future performance benchmarked against internal and industry norms.

Whether used just for FP&A, resource planning, consolidations, corporate strategy visualization or combinations thereof, IFS CPM can enable the insight required to achieve corporate goals.


Whether a global multi-national now or at some point in the future IFS Financials is delivered ready for growth, with multiple parallel ledgers and extensive compliance with legal and statutory bodies.

Multi-language, multi-currency and multi-jurisdiction enabled with a global support package means your business is always up to date and supported with IFS evergreen updates.

With our business digital twin, global macro-economic drivers can be programmed in to our CPM solutions to assess corporate risk and deliver forecasted outcomes in real time based on world events and scenarios inputs.


Designed and written into the heart of IFS solutions, IFS Human Capital Management (HCM) is the lifeblood of any organization. As globalization and technologies constantly change working practices, an integrated and flexible ERP solution that takes advantage of these changes becomes essential.

    • Strategic sourcing and planning

    • Talent development

    • Time and expenses allocation

    • Performance management

    • Core HR for global corporations

    IFS HCM helps develop people today for the teams of tomorrow.


Time is money, which makes booking costed time to projects and cost centers an essential means of capturing time-based cost. Add to this the complexity of variable rates by role, contract, jurisdiction and competency and you have a requirement for a time-based costing engine.

IFS enables complex time-based costing, including direct expenses tailorable to your specific requirements. With elements linked to time payments through payroll and a fully integrated travel and expenses solution, you have the means to allocate and pay in accordance with your corporate, legal and/or contractual rules.


The people in your organization should be high performing assets, and any asset it requires consideration to perform at optimum.

Consideration should include self-assessment, recognition of objectives and performance measurements, feedback and managerial guidance. All with regular review periods.

IFS Human Capital Management allows performance to be managed by employees and managers using a flexible solution that provides appropriate consideration when and where required.


With globalization, enhancements in commercially available technologies, and changes to stakeholder expectations and trends, roles are having to change.

Whether through onboarding, partnering, outsourcing or nurturing, IFS talent management helps companies ensure people are in the right place at the right time and with the right skills.


What resources do you need for your strategy to succeed? What skills will they need? where will they be deployed? how many do you require? Have you factored in attrition based on core data?

Future resourcing requirements, and the planning of how to meet them, is a critical component of achieving your strategic goals. IFS solutions enable the digitization of strategy, providing the skills and volume data informing the people planning process.

Taking it one step further, this same data can be utilized by the budgeting and forecasting teams to ensure the financing is in place to make plans happen.



IFS Quality Management lets you define control plans, test and inspection instructions, standards for parts, suppliers or manufacturing processes—or any combination of these. It is based on four different functionality groups:

    • CONTROL PLANS, document the control mechanisms that reduce the causes of potential failures, increasing the probability that causes will be detected if they do occur. Control Plans include Acceptance Sampling to focus need on parts with most defects and support Capability Indices to estimate the proportion of parts within specification limits.

    • SPC allows you to ensure that your processes are reliable, by distinguishing common causes of process variation from special causes.

    • FMEA allows you to analyze the potential effects of failure and determine what control mechanisms are worthwhile.

    • MRB, Material Review Board, is a specific functionality for handling the disposition of defective material.


IFS Quality Assurance consists of four parts:

    • Compliance Planning: It is easy to create and maintain Compliance Plans in the system and then create Audits directly so that data does not have to be duplicated. This reduces administration and adds value to the process.

    • Audit Management: The system provides support for the planning, scheduling and execution of internal and external audits. As audits can be attached to any IFS screen, it means that analysis and reporting can be improved whether it is at Supplier, Project or Process level.

    • Non-Conformance Reporting: It is possible to create non-conformance reports from any IFS screen, including Audits. This allows the users to report and record non- conformance details directly against the object to which they refer (such as a purchase order receipt, customer delivery, manufacturing process, and project activity). The process includes disposition, correction and verification, meaning that the entire workflow is handled within IFS.

• Corrective and Preventive Actions: As CAPAs can be created directly from an NCR, it results in a complete system solution. It is also possible to create CAPAs directly as part of a Quality Initiative program. The process supports the investigation and correction, verification and effectiveness, and recording of a root cause.


IFS Quality Assurance is a complete solution that can be deployed for all industries and markets.

As the functionality is fully integrated it means that the quality management processes will become much closer to the business processes. As quality management is such an important part of your business, why shouldn’t it be part of your system?



"Dördüncü Endüstri Devrimi - Endüstri 4.0" ile sanal ve fiziksel sistemler entegre olarak kullanılmaktadır. İnternete bağlı her nesnenin üretim alanında daha fazla kullanmını içeren bu trend ile birlikte endüstriyel alanda köklü değişimlere ve iş geliştirmeden mühendisliğe kadar birçok yeniliğe tanık olmaktayız.

Bu noktada, dijital dönüşümün tüm şirketler tarafından içselleştirilmesi ve kabul edilmesi çok önemlidir. Dijital dönüşüm çağında, artık eski üretim konseptlerinin geçerli olmadığı gibi, günümüzde üreticiler artan karmaşıklığı ve kısalan ürün döngülerini yönetebilmek için akıllı üretime uyum sağlayabilen son derece vasıflı ve çevik çalışanlara ihtiyaç duyuyor. Bu açıdan, dijital dönüşüm verimliliğin artırılması ve mevcut süreç maliyetinin düşürülmesi ile ilgilidir. Dijital Dönüşüm, aynı zamanda ürün tasarımlarını iyileştirmek ve yeni hizmetler sunmak için de fırsatlar ortaya koyar. Varlık bakımından yoğun işletmeler; ürün ve cihazlardan toplanan büyük miktarda veriye sahiptir. Ancak, günümüzde çok az işletme bu veriyi tam anlamıyla kullanabiliyor. Bunun için etrafınızdaki dünyada neler olduğunu öğrenmeniz gerekiyor. Sadece veriye ihtiyaç duymazsınız, analiz edebileceğiniz verilere ihtiyaç duyarsınız. Böylece eyleme dönüştürülebilen çözüm odaklı gözlemleri yakalayabilirsiniz.


Varlık bakımından yoğun endüstriler için uzmanlaşmış global bir kurumsal uygulama şirketi olan IFS, müşterilerinin Dijital Dönüşüm virajından hızlanarak çıkmasına yardımcı olmak için yola çıktı. Yakın zamanda tanıtılan IFS IoT Business Connector, veri toplama - analiz / analiz - eylem arasındaki boşluğa köprü kuran bir araçtır. Tak ve çalıştır mantığı ile müşteriler; kullanıcı tanımlı, otomatikleştirilmiş veya yarı otomatikleştirilmiş işlemleri tetikleyebilen ve eyleme dönüştürülebilen gözlemleri tespit edebilirler. Bu şekilde tetiklenen eylemler, önleyici bakım, servis yönetimi, varlık yönetimi ve üretim için kullanılarak süreç maliyetinin düşürülmesine yardmcı olur.


IFS Business Connector IoT analizlerini IFS Uygulamalarındaki eylemler haline getiriyor. Amaç, çevreyi gözlemlemek ve algılanan zorlukları fırsatlara çevirmektir.

İlk adım veri toplamaktır. Bu, tesisin içinde veya sahadaki cihazlarda bulunan sensörler vasıtasıyla yapılabilir. Toplanan verilerin tümünden yararlanmak için bir keşif aşamasından geçilmesi gerekiyor. Bu işlem, verinin sizin için anlamlı kısımlarını "gözlem" leme bulma işlemidir. IFS IoT Business Connector'ün bir bileşeni olan IFS IoT Discovery Manager, keşif platformları ile uyumlu çalışarak ek yönetim ve izleme özellikleri sağlar. Bunun ardından IFS IoT Gateway (IFS IoT Business Connector'ün bir başka bileşeni) bulut tabanlı keşif ve IoT verisinin analizi ile kurum içi veya bulut tabanlı IFS uygulamaları arasındaki iletişimi sağlar.


IFS IoT Business Connector'ün pilot uygulayıcıları, insan incelemesi ve detaylandırılması ya da (kurallara bağlı) otomatik eylemler ya da her ikisi aracılığıyla toplanan veriler ile nasıl işlem yapar? Bu soruya cevap olarak birkaç örnek verebiliriz:

Toplu taşıma aracının (örn. Metro) kapısının açılmaması bir servis çağrısını tetikleyebilir. Dolu ve boşaltılması gereken haşere kapanı, haşere kontrol şirketindeki bir servis mühendisini uyarabilir. Bir ekipman parçasının titreşimi, sıcaklığı veya voltajındaki değişiklikler, ofis saatleri dışında bile bakım şirketine bir uyarı sinyali göndererek üretimin durmasını önleyebilir.

Gerçek sonuç yalnızca işletmenizi optimize etmek için verileri, keşfi ve operasyonları etkili bir şekilde kullanıp eyleme dönüştürdüğünüzde ortaya çıkar. Bu bakımdan, yeni dönemde ürüne artık "hizmet" denmektedir. Ürün satışlarınız devam ederken yeni gelir fırsatları, bakım veya danışmanlık hizmetleri, bir hizmet olarak yazılım veya verimli çalışma saatleri gibi sonuçlar olarak size dönebilir.

Dijital Dönüşüm, birçok sanayide gerçek bir “oyun değiştirici” olarak konumlandırılmaktadır. IFS çözüm ortağı olarak, müşterilerimizin bir sonraki aşamaya güvenle geçmelerine yardımcı oluyoruz.


The IFS Support mission is to provide our customers with a single, easy-to-use, seamless conduit into IFS and its knowledge products and services. IFS support provides skilled functional and technical assistance for issues related to our customers’ IFS products. Our goal is to ensure that customer issues are resolved in a timely, efficient and accurate manner, leading to increased customer benefits and greater customer satisfaction.

IFS Support is dedicated to delivering the best available services globally, consisting of multiple support centers around the world to ensure rapid response and knowledge about our customers’ local conditions.

Extended support

This service prolongs the support period as described in the Support Policy.

Licensed software will be maintained to operate in conformity with the software documentation after the original/standard support period has ended.

Additional instance

This service provides support services for an additional source code-controlled instance. When selecting this option, you may choose a different primary region to provide support services if needed.

Customization support

The provision of support services for all customizations developed and approved by IFS. This includes correction of faults that prevent the customization from working as described in the specification as well as alterations of core updates and fixes to ensure that they function as designed in conjunction with the customized software.




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