IFS Applications has a long history as a solution of choice for automotive ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Our automotive industry software customers enjoy support for the total lifecycle - from design integration through demand management, supply chain management, full-scale production, sales and aftersales service—fully integrated with financials and human resources. Plus support for lean initiatives like Kanban. IFS Applications' automotive industry ERP software solution is appropriate for vehicle manufacturer/assemblers and tier 1 to tier N suppliers.

Integrated solutıons for the challengers

IFS Applications for Automotive Suppliers includes solutions for manufacturing & distribution, supply chain, services, asset and project management, fully integrated with financials and human resources. These operate stand alone; integrated with existing corporate enterprise systems; or as part of a comprehensive IFS Applications deployment.

    • Some automotive suppliers need the same complex order-driven and mixed-mode functionality as other type manufacturers using IFS Applications. However, automotive-related production often specifically involves lean manufacturing—including Kanban—electronic data interchange (EDI), n-level packaging and multi-site planning & execution.

    • Of specific interest to vehicle manufacturers/assemblers are multiple-algorithm-based demand-planning and forecasting; service-level-based spare parts and planning; design-, engineer- and configure-to-order capability; program/project management, including make-to-project; and dynamic order processing/Seiban.

    • With IFS Eco-footprint Management, environmental impacts are assigned to product units. Reports detail impacts by product line, manufacturing process, business unit or business enterprise.


Makine üreticileri, müşteriler tarafından konfigüre edilebilen, bir yandan siparişe göre mühendislik ve tasarım çalışmalarına dayanan, rekabet şartları zorlu bir sektörde bulunurlar. Siparişe özel üretim takibinin yoğun olduğu, kısmen standart üretim metodlarının karışık olarak uygulandığı üretim biçimleri makine üreticilerini diğer sektörlerden ayrı bir konuma yerleştirir. Bunun yanında satış sonrası servis ve bakım hizmetlerinin yoğun olarak verildiği ayrı kâr merkezleri olarak yönetilebilen iş süreçlerine sahiptir. IFS Applications makine üreticilerinin ihtiyaçlarını "Sektöre Özel Mühendislik, Siparişe Özel Konfigürasyon, Siparişe Özel Mühendislik, Kompleks Üretim Yönetimi, Satış Sonrası Servis Bakım Hizmetleri" modülleri başta olmak üzere her yönde karşılar.

Makine sektöründe siparişe göre değişen ürün ağaçları IFS Konfigüratif Üretim Modeli ile çözüme kavuşturulur. IFS Konfigüratif Üretim Modeli, varyantlar ile kurallara göre parametrik olarak üretim ağaçlarının ve rotalarının dinamik oluşturulmasını sağlar. Böylece değişen müşteri ihtiyaçlarına göre farklılaşan ölçü ve özelliklerdeki malzemeler için ayrı kodlar, reçeteler ve rotalar tanımlanmasına gerek kalmaz. Bu model üretim planlama departmanının, gelen müşteri siparişlerini en kısa sürede üretim sahasına iletmesini sağlayarak, teslimat sürelerinin kısaltılmasına ve tedarik zincirinin daha etkin yönetilmesine fırsat verir.

Siparişe özel mühendislik gerektiren süreçlerde IFS Mühendislik modulü ile PDM ve PLM süreçleri de işleyişe dahil olur. Yeni parça veya revizyon amaçlı tasarım süreçleri IFS PDM modulü ile tedarik zincirine entegre edilebilir.

Satış sonrası verilen servis ve bakım hizmetleri için IFS Servis Yönetimi malzeme ve işçiliklerin diğer IFS modülleri ile entegre yönetildiği etkin bir yapıdır. Müşterilere verilen servis hizmetinin SLA seviyesi gibi detaylarının takip edilebildiği, servis anlaşmalarının, yedek parça, işçilik fiyatlarının izlenebildiği IFS Servis Yönetimi modulü servis bölümünün ayrı bir kar merkezi şeklinde yönetilmesini mümkün hale getirir. Her bir makine için ayrı takip edilen seri numaralı kimlik kartı ile makineye ait üretimden gelen malzeme bilgileri ve servis tarihçesi IFS servis yönetimi modulünden takip edilebilir.


The food and beverage industry is perpetually developing in terms of consumer choice, with increasing demand for high quality fresh, chilled and frozen products and the need to continuously innovate. Major retailers, together with food service, have an enormous influence on the food and beverage market.

Increasing regulations on traceability, clean labeling, the need to reduce salt and fats as well as production costs and lead times, require the food industry to be more flexible today than it ever has been.

Whether you are struggling with to deal with the retailers, keep up with regulations or simply trying to take the business away from spreadsheet proliferation to build a more cohesive organization, IFS has the software solution for you.


IFS Applications gives you a 360-degree of your supply chain and manufacturing business, bringing you both broad scope, deep functionality and configurability to ensure that you can meet the needs of the food and beverage market today. Software features include:

    • Multi-site, multi-business, multi-lingual operations

    • Advanced demand planning and forecasting

    • Integrated HACCP and quality control to support BRC, EFSIS, FDA and UDSA audits 

    • Forward and backward traceability with shelf life and expiry control

    • Trade management with sales promotions, campaigns and rebates

    • Supply chain management from supplier to customer

    • Operations delivered to the shop floor using touch screens and mobile devices

    • Integrated CRM and NPD

    • Integrated WMS on mobile devices

Our software is delivered the way your users want it, with a modern user interface, hosted in the cloud or on-premise.


Enterprise software designed for the Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Industry

IFS offers Project Management and Asset Lifecycle software to the engineering, construction and infrastructure industry. Our solutions support the whole asset lifecycle from engineer, make, build to maintain any type of asset for;

    • General Contractors

    • Specialty Contractors

    • Design and Consulting Services

    • Residential

    • Civil Engineering

Construction, Infrastructure & Industrial Services

IFS provides integrated business software solutions to manage both the build and maintenance phase of an asset's life. The solution is being used on many asset types including: Infrastructure, Buildings, Energy, Utilities, Mining, Plants.


With IFS Applications, engineer-to-order manufacturing, construction and engineering enterprises have an Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) solution for project management-related environments. The solution is built around one-off projects like engineering construction and fabrication, prototyping and services.

Project-based parameters control and determine schedules for all functions, including engineering, procurement, document delivery, installation and construction, coordinated by an efficient information flow among the different disciplines involved.

EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation)

Margins are under pressure and competition is intensifying for engineering contractors industry. Large, long-term one-off projects need to be delivered on time and on budget, whilst this industry is dealing with skills shortage.

Efficiently managing new projects by adopting data-driven, integrated processes and systems is key to become one of the winners in the future. Learn more about IFS' software solutions for engineering contractors.

With a project-driven solution—where the project itself is the engine—high-level visibility and transparency are ensured throughout your enterprise. Everyone benefits from one common plan, ensuring projects deliver on time and budget.

Shipbuilding And Ship Repair

Shipbuilding, Refit & Repair

IFS provides integrated business software solutions to manage both the build and maintenance phase of vessels and maritime infrastructure.

In order to drive digital benefits across your shipbuilding operation, you need more than product lifecycle management (PLM) or 3D design software. You need ERP that truly encompasses the key phases where you deliver value to your customers.

This is challenging because of the project-centric nature of shipbuilding and some of the unique steps in your value chain, which includes:

    • Design

    • Procurement

    • Construction

    • Outfitting

    • Sea trial

    • Maintenance



Exciting technology advancements are changing the service landscape for capital and industrial equipment. On one hand, large serviceable assets are continuing to increase in complexity, which makes repair and maintenance a sometimes-daunting task.


    • Capital Equipmant Manufacturers: IFS Enterprise Service Management provides complete end-to-end service management to service business with a heavy focus on capital or linear assets, including complex maintenance repair and overhaul of capital equipment.

    • Industrial Equipmant Manufacturers: As industrial manufacturers abandon outdated business models and move towards servitization, IFS will be there to support your efforts. With industry-leading utilities designed to scale to the most complex industrial service needs, IFS will set your organization up for success in managing predictive, cloud, and whatever else your firm might need.



Stay on top of new trends and customer expectations for trucking, shipping, and delivery professionals with IFS by your side. Industry-leading transportation companies trust IFS to help them transform and optimize their services, thus delivering not only the payload, but also upon the promises to your customer.Whether you’re looking for route optimization, vehicle safety, or end-to-end order management, IFS has the tools that you need to manage all of your tasks and activities under one roof, in a common language, and with the configuration options that will allow you to measure, manage, and optimize your operations without compromise.


Industrial fleet managers know that it takes a lot more than location to properly manage a fleet. With industry-leading utilities designed to scale to the most complex industrial needs, IFS will set your organization up for success in managing routing optimization, while not forgetting to support you on the job site.


Whatever the type of fleet that you manage, there is an imperative to use technology to improve outcomes, route more effectively, and prepare for the next wave of disruptions to come. In all those areas, IFS has you covered.



IFS Field Service Management software covers the entire, end-to-end service lifecycle. Recent enhancements and embedded IoT capabilities make it a best-in-class solution that offers the most complete, connected field service on the market. We help organizations like yours to maximize operational efficiency, increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.


IFS understands that the needs of professional services organizations to delight customers and to manage a reduced workforce continues to accelerate. Even with that substantial growth, new technologies, and an increased emphasis on outcomes-based service means that service transformation shows no signs of slowing down. Fortunately, with its industry-leading tools and scalability to business of all sizes, IFS has what your organization needs to excel.



Multi-channel retail has changes substantially over the last decade, and with a growing push towards service operations, that change is about to become supercharged. As organizations continue to compete with the mega-retailers slowly cornering multi-channel markets, the need for new experiences, greater customer connection, and consistency across all channels is now an imperative. With IFS, organizations are able to manage the entirety of their service, commerce, and enterprise lifecycle, all under the same roof, ensuring that operations can be started on one channel, and fulfilled on another without friction.


Wholesalers are creating new roles and opportunities as digitalization, omni-channel and personalization blur the old lines between stores and warehouses, B2C and B2B, and retailing, wholesaling and manufacturing, not to mention the need to manage the growing necessity of servitization. With these changes comes incredible opportunity, but organizations need the right tools to capitalize upon these opportunities. With IFS, organizations are able to manage the entirety of their service, commerce, and enterprise lifecycle, all under the same roof. With IFS, you have the tools for today’s business decisions, and the scalability to prepare for tomorrow’s disruptions.


IFS Applications addresses the need of the chemicals supply chain and manufacturing business, where material control and compliance are key. Bringing you a broad scope and core functionality like batch balancing to meet the needs of the chemicals industry today.

Learn to respond, not react – from product development including simulation and history tracking of formulations and recipes, as well as advanced formula management, production sequencing, calculation of environmental footprint, multi-channel sales, multiple units of measure and multiple package options.


The management of processes, formulae and materials, regulatory control, the complexities of managing bulk materials and integration with production plant and equipment are just some of the key challenges facing the chemical manufacturing and distribution industry today. In addition, many sectors of the industry have to comply with domestic and international regulations for hazardous materials like REACH, TSCA and CSIA.

IFS Applications addresses these needs by providing a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution for the chemical manufacturing industry. Whether you are struggling with complex processes, keeping up with regulation or simply trying to take the business away from spreadsheet proliferation to build a more cohesive organization, IFS has the solution for you.


IFS Applications gives you a 360-degree view of your supply chain and manufacturing business, bringing you broad scope, deep functionality and configurability to ensure that you can meet the needs of the chemicals market today. Features include:

    • Mixed-mode production capabilities ranging from high-volume, make-to-stock and made-to-order custom-formula solutions

    • Batch balancing for best capacity utilization

    • Integrated CRM and NPD

    • Multiple measurement units

    • Sales forecasting with campaign support, seasonal profiles and collaboration

    • Trade management with sales promotions, campaigns and rebates

    • Multi-level traceability and shelf life/expiration date management

    • Integration with Atrion’s Intelligent Authoring to ensure all materials comply with environmental regulations

    • Operations delivered to the shop floor using touch screens and mobile devices

    • Integrated WMS on mobile devices

Our software is delivered the way your users want it, with a modern user interface, hosted in the cloud or on-premise.


Enterprise project, asset and service software solutions FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS

IFS software enables telecommunications companies to challenge in a disrupted market and transform their operations across project & asset lifecycle management, scheduling & resource optimization and customer engagement.

Let IFS help you succeed, whether you are a challenger competing with industry giants or a giant smart enough to realize you must adapt to compete. We’ll help you balance the competing priorities of infrastructure and customers, and make your stakeholders, regulators and investors happy.

TRANSPORTATION, Infrastructure & Operations

IFS software offers transportation infrastructure and operations organizations a solution that delivers enterprise ERP capabilities with functional depth in the core areas including financial compliance and reporting, project and asset management, supply chain and service.

Assets and projects are at the heart of ensuring fleet availability and network performance, and with serious distances involved, geographical information and linear asset capabilities are often critical.

IFS’s solution focus on ERP, EAM and Service Management means we are able to deliver the capability you need to deliver value to your organization and to your customers whether you are looking for a leading EAM or service solution, or an enterprise wide solution that retains that functional depth.

Project, asset and service software solutions for TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION

IFS offers enterprise software, integrating project and asset management, service management – including customer engagement tools - with core ERP functionality to the power transmission and distribution industry.

IFS is independently recognized as a leading, global supplier of on-premise or cloud-enabled ERP and EAM software, with customers across Power Grid Transmission, Network Distribution and Field Service and Smart Meter Services.

New challengers are entering the energy market, coupled with disruptive technology and changing consumer demands. Our focus on project, asset and service focused organizations means IFS is the best placed software vendor to support your business turn challenges into opportunities.

enables Ports & Terminal Operators to maximize cargo throughput

Ports are gateways for 80% of merchandise trade by volume and 70% by value. Challenge for a greater share of this opportunity by ensuring you can support quick and safe vessel turnaround – as shipping and logistics companies opt to unload at the most efficient port.

Asset management is at the core of the smart port operation. Bridges, railways, cranes all must perform when needed, and optimizing the usage of ground vehicles can ensure you get more performance from your fleet.

IFS offers Project and Asset Management software, as well as enterprise and service functionality, that can help Ports & Terminal operators to maximize operating efficiency and increase their vessel throughout capacity.



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